Prothya Biosolutions

Prothya Biosolutions produces plasma-derived medicines under its own brand name, including Cofact, Nanogam and Albuman. In addition, the company diligently acquires and processes blood plasma for biopharmaceutical companies around the world. Prothya’s mission? To provide healthcare-oriented organizations worldwide with high-quality plasma products. How? By creating value for partners and contribute to sustaining the health of people who depend on essential plasma proteins. Creating Value, Sustaining Life.

Prothya Biosolutions B.V. (2021) is the name under which specialists in the field of plasma-derived medicines Sanquin Plasma Products B.V. and Plasma Industries Belgium will continue to operate as one integrated entity. The integration will allow customers to rely on the long-standing knowledge and expertise of both companies; with a broader reach, greater capacity for innovation and global outlook for sustainable partnerships.

Prothya Biosolutions is currently working on a new website. Until then, please visit the websites of Plasma Industries Belgium and Sanquin Plasma Products. Our office in Finland will continue under our new name as well.