About Prothya Biosolutions

Prothya Biosolutions Produces plasma-derived medicines under its own brand name. In addition, Prothya has more than 60 years of experience in collecting and processing blood plasma for patients and the biopharmaceutical industry around the world. Our goal? To create value for our partners and contribute to sustaining the health of those who depend on essential plasma proteins. Creating Value, Sustaining Life.

Proprietary plasma-derived medicines

Prothya Biosolutions produces plasma-derived medicines under its own brand name. These include immunoglobulin (Nanogam), albumin (Albuman) and prothrombin complex (Cofact). We supply these life-saving drugs worldwide. To ensure reliable delivery, we work closely with carefully selected distribution partners and healthcare providers. The care of patients who depend on our products is, of course, our priority.

Largest contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO)

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Prothya Biosolutions is part of an international network of organizations. We offer companies within this network solutions based on our experience, knowledge and development activities. We do this as a contract manufacturer. Thanks to our solution-oriented approach, we have now grown into the largest contract development and production organization (CDMO) in the industry.


Prothya Biosolutions is focused on providing flexible and creative solutions to its stakeholders and partners, with high-quality and sustainable growth as its starting point. Our mission is to continue to expand our business globally, build new, long-term partnerships, and increase and broaden our knowledge of essential plasma proteins. In doing so, we take an entrepreneurial approach and continually look for innovative ways to create added value for our partners, thereby contributing to sustaining the health of those who depend on essential plasma proteins.


In 2021, Prothya Biosolutions was created from a merger of several existing companies in the European plasma sector. Years of knowledge and experience were pooled to continue as one strong, globally operating, sustainable biopharmaceutical company.


Prothya Biosolutions offers its employees, who are known for being entrepreneurial and caring, a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly workplace that is focused on growth. Innovation is at the core of the company, providing employees with a dynamic work environment and a rewarding career.